Normandie Tour 2012

68 Years Anniversary D-Day

70 Years Anniversary 3/4ton Dodge Command Car

update 22. Juni 2012

2.480 km without any problems - really reliable old Dodge Truck!

Some 2012 impressions first ...

Made the 750 km from northern Germany to Normandie in two days with a
nice stay in Amiens, visiting the Cathedral again.

Amiens city centre

First night near Amiens, room with a view

Second day all the way on small roads and Route Nationale,
sometimes it was very quiet on the road - great to drive with a Dodge!

... first poppy on the way

Stop near Tancarville Bridge

Pegasus Bridge

Another room with a view - choosed the guest houses for a safe parking
ground first - this one was very safe, guarded with two lovely dogs also.
Chateau Fontaine Henry

6th June 2012
Omaha's Nurses Return Ceremony at Omaha Beach
In honor of Women Volunteers, with American veterans.
Organised by the Yankees - Thanks for that!
Les Braves - the French government commissioned this sculpture
to honor the Americans who liberated France.
They symbolize the Wings of Hope, Rise of Freedom and Wings of Fraternity.

Port en Bessin

Near Utah Beach

Pointe Du Hoc

Vehicles seen in Sainte Marie Du Mont:

Sunday at the bourse in Vierville:

From Omaha Beach to Utah Beach:


Sainte Mere Eglise:

Juno Beach

On the way back home with a stop in Air Sur La Lys

Friendly Welcome all the way with lots of nice people and cute pets

After 14 days on Tour (10 days Normandie and 4 days for the way), nice and endless roads through France

... back home in Münster, Northern Germany

For lots more Normandie photos please see the 2009 Tour.

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