COMMANDER - Dodge Command Car WC58 Radio Reconnaissance 1942 - 2022 ... 80 Jahre

July 2022: Herselt 2022


June 2022: Preparation for an eventful 2022


June 2022: Unusual view on exhibition


October 2021: Due to Covid19 just around the corner ... Münsterland


August 2019: HWW in Fort II Wommelgem

August 2018: HWW in Fort II Wommelgem

Known history:
One of 2.344 buildt WC58 Radio Reconnaissance.
QMC Contract No. 114222, U.S.A. hood numbers: 20182609 thru 20184952.
Date of delivery: 25. July 1942
FIN 81546650
Body No. 4229 / 933
No. 933 of 2.344 built.
Partial hood number 20183x3x readable on the hood.
Dodge Division of Chrysler Corporation, Mound Park Michigan
1942 - 1945: unknown
Most probably not sent overseas.
Bought a few decades ago in Colorado, and it had always remained stateside
up to the acquisition of the previous owner.
1990s: Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.
2000s: Franklin, Ohio, U.S.A.
2006: until December 2006 in Ohio, U.S.A. Previous owner beginning restoration.
May 2007: Container Terminal, Bremerhaven, Germany.
March 2008: Road registered as a historic vehicle in Germany.

Bodytag Number: 4229/933
Die Numer auf der kleine Plakette unter der Motorhaube steht für:
42 = 1942, erstes Modeljahr der 3/4 ton Dodges, nicht zwangsläufig das Baujahr!
29 = Dodge Nummer für die Ausführung Radio Reconnaissance Command
933 = fortlaufende Produktionsnummer
hier Nr. 933 von insgesamt 2.344 produzierten Radio Command Fahrzeugen.


2019: Münster Classics Oldtimer-Rallye Münster, Westfalen

April 2019: Patton Drivers, Ulbeek

Mai 2018: Patton Drivers, Ulbeek

August 2016: HWW in Fort II Wommelgem

August 2015: HWW in Fort II Wommelgem

Nordkirchen and Lüdinghausen

August 2013: HWW in Fort II Wommelgem, after having a good shower

Juni 2013: Now with Special Patina and 1943 Ben Hur Trailer, Wood Body

October 2012: Enjoying the last days of summer

Dependable Dodge Trucks: Travelled to Normandie France, Belgium, Tuscany Italy and the Netherlands.

Playing in the field

Pictures taken directly after exhibition on Techno Classica fair 2009:

2009: First Tour to Normandy

2009: Around the corner

2008: Santa Fe Event, Roermond

June 2007: Sleeping beauty

WC58 sleeping beauty

Restored to the details
Command Car photo reference in Technik Details ... weitere Command Car Details unter "Technik Details"

DCPD screws for Command Car WW2

March 2008: Road registered as a historic vehicle in Germany
First as COE CO42H
Now as LH US42H (same owner)

German license plate

Time warp, 2006 in Ohio, USA:

Ohio USA
Ohio USA
Ohio USA
Ohio USA
Ohio USA
Ohio USA

2008 in Münster, Germany, after some work: