The time before the Column, with WW2 Dodge as a Tourist in Tuscany


15.04. - 29.04.2010
3.200 km with two World War II Dodges
It's a long way to Florence, Italy.
1.400 km from Northern Germany, Münster via Konstanz, Bodensee, Romanshorn, Rorschach,
on the motorway A13 via Buchs, Chur, Thusis, Viamala, San Bernardino Tunnel.
Small beautifull roads in the Alps from San Bernardino to Bellinzona.
Again on the motorway A2 Lugano, A9 Como, Milano, A1 via Piacenza, Parma, Modena.
Small beautiful roads from Modena via Passo della Raticosa and Firenzuola to Scarperia.

Commander George as a Tourist in the beautiful Landscape of Tuscany,
via Chianti to Siena and San Giminano

Via Caffagiolo and Passo Gioggo to Florenz

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