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Buildcard WC58 Command Car

The first picture shows a scan of a build card as received from the Chrysler archives.
The card shows the original model and exact body of the Dodge with that serial / VIN number,
here VIN 81546650 built with body 933 on 25th of July 1942 as a body model 29.

The second picture shows the body tag located under the hood on open cabs, with:
42 = 1942 for the year the model was introduced by the manufacturer (and not the year of manufacturing).
29 = Dodge body model number for Radio Reconnaissance Command
933 = Body number, number in production line
Third picture shows the VIN, always found on the drivers side.

bodytag number serialnumber VIN

Body Model Numbers:

10 = Flat faced cowl
12 = Closed cab
13 = Panel van (also first hand-converted VC6 Carryalls)
19 = Reconnaissance/Command Car (WC56 or WC57)
29 = Radio Reconnaissance/Radio Command Car (WC58)
39 = Ambulance (WC54)
49 = Carryall (WC53)
56 = Closed cab (half ton)
62 = Closed cab
66 = Express body with transverse rear seats (WC51 or WC52)
76 = Express body with no rearseats
86 = Gun motor carriage (WC55)
90 = Flat faced cowl with bucket seats (WC59, WC60, or WC61)

With caveats and to be confirmed:
70 and/or 96 for 6x6 chassis (WC62 & WC63)
50 for KD Ambulance chassis (WC64

Thanks a lot to Brent from New Zealand who made this blank build card
for all of you who actually want to read all entries on a card:

bodytag number

Examples of Dodge Build Cards, Different Models, sort of sorted by date

I hope it helps other collectors to get more details about the history of their trucks.
Cards were received from collectors and found on various open to the public web boards,
if you don't like your card here please send a short note and I will delete the picture.
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