Preservative coating canvas - a try...

After having done quite a few kilometers, e.g. to Normandy and
Tuscany, my canvas hood was in need of some tender loving care.
It was bleached from sun and rain and looked nearly white on the top.
Dirt from roads and the one or other heavy rainfall left some
dirty spots on the material too.


For the coating I used older "preservative coating canvas 8030-00-290-4382-00-290-4382
olive drab 34087" mixed up with petroleum solvent.


For cleaning the canvas I used a dishwashing brush with strong
fibres to take the dust off. Easily visible are the different colors:
doors Worthing Canvas, (unknown) hood bleached and unbleached:


The first layer was painted with a ring brush and gently rubbed into the
canvas. With application of the second layer I got - although done with a
lot of care - some stripes visible on the hood itself. Luckily the
oilpaint can be redone with a bit of turpentine solvent and a piece of


Not completely dry yet on these pictures. The whole canvas is a bit cloudy
now what gives a nice patina and it looks like several years old, one pic
taken in bright sunshine, one without:


The colour now looks similar to the doors which I got from Worthing Canvas:


After drying in bright sunshine:


When using this kind of coat be very carefull as it seems to dry quick,
but actually it takes several days to dry completely! It also changes
colour during drying.
I'd like to thank UHU for this very special canvas paint! CCCG :-)